About Us

RLS Commercial Interiors, Inc. is an architectural millwork company that specializes in institutional, retail, and restaurant casework with applications of plastic laminate and wood veneer surfaces along with wood trim, hardware, and other related components. Construction specialties range from reception desks to customer service centers, office workstations, retail kiosk, store fixtures, breakrooms, wall paneling, doors, interior windows, and a variety of trim profiles and applications. Other specialties include limited work in solid surfacing , metal extrusions, stainless steel, plastics, and glass with a wide selection of the latest in hardware applications. Limited applications (non-licensed) of electrical and plumbing are also available.

We provide custom and modular designs with sound construction techniques based upon the latest AWS Industry Standards. Specifications and dimensioned CAD shop drawings are provided for contracted work, giving you accurate details for your review and final approval before fabrication.

Our Company

RLS Commercial Interiors, Inc. is an architectural and retail casegoods manufacturer located 10 miles east of Raleigh in Wendell, North Carolina. The company started in 1984 in Knightdale, NC and built it present facility of 10,000 square feet in 1989.

Our People

Next to our customers, our most valuable asset is a staff that enjoys their work. RLS Commercial Interiors, Inc. has been fortunate to build a competent and dedicated staff that would be difficult to duplicate. We continually strive toward a safer and more efficient operation within our company and environment. Our people are important to the growth of this company and their dedication represents the success of this company. They are to be commended for their integrity and commitment to quality workmanship which represents the best in the industry.

Mission Statement

  • RLS Commercial Interiors, Inc. will strive to be a company of respect and integrity setting itself as a leader of innovation and resource within the industry.
  • RLS Commerical Interiors, Inc. recognizes our customer as our #1 priority and will strive to service and meet their needs to the best of our abilities on a daily basis.
  • We believe that every associate of RLS Commerical Interiors, Inc. is important to the success of our company and will freely give each other respect and cooperation in our daily efforts.
  • We will work together as a company and with other trades to be a profitable company providing our fellow associates with job security and the means to support themselves and their families.
  • We will become and remain a major innovator of quality millwork and commercial casework in the building industry.
  • We will strive to make RLS Commercial Interiors, Inc. a good place to work.